Do you have a showroom?

Beanbagsheaven.com is primarily an online store and so we try to provide detailed information about our products on our website. In our warehouse, we store covers and fillers separately and only fill up our beanbags after we receive an order. However, we understand your desire to check on our products before purchasing. For example, you might want to try the size or feel the material. Therefore, you can visit our office during business hours after scheduling a specific time for your visit via WhatsApp +85291375100 - so that we can arrange assistance for you.

Do you have door-to-door delivery?

It is very important for us to maintain low prices for our beanbags, while not compromising the quality of goods and services. And delivery plays an important role in this. We ship our products either by ourselves or with the help of our partners. Typically, your order is delivered by one person and s/he can leave the car unattended only for a very short period of time. We therefore ask in advance that you pick up your order from the car yourself at our agreed date and time. Otherwise, if possible, we will leave your beanbag at the concierge or at reception.

Thank you for understanding!

How long will it take to get my order?

We always deliver our beanbags within 7 days from the day of order.

However, the average delivery time is only 3 days!

You can also choose a specific delivery day by contacting us in advance on WhatsApp +85291375100.

What is your refund policy?

We are proud to say, that in more than 4 years of selling beanbags in Hong Kong, we have not had a single return due to quality issues. In fact, the fewer-than-5 returns that we have had have been due to requests for larger beanbags!

Therefore, carefully choose the size of your beanbag, and if you have any doubts, please contact us on WhatsApp +85291375100

If you want to return any beanbags, just bring them to our office during business hours within 14 days from the date of delivery. Beanbags returned in like-new condition will be refunded at their full cost. Sorry that we can't pick up your beanbag because our free shipping only applies to the initial order.

If you want to exchange your beanbag for another product from our shop - you must first place an order for a new product on our website. Please do not forget to leave us a note at check-out indicating that you want to make an exchange. We will deliver your new order to you and pick up the previous one. After that, we will refund your money for the previous order. Beanbags must be in like-new condition.

Does the price of a beanbag on your website include filler?

If you buy a beanbag from our website, it will always come to you with a sufficient amount of filler.

Please be aware that products from the “Covers” section do not include filler.

What is the best type of beanbag if I have a pet?

We see how our customers choose completely different beanbags for their pets, just like for themselves. It all depends on your taste and interior. You can always easily remove the cover and wash it if your bean bag changes in color or smell 😉. For pets with sharp claws, of course, water-resistant or water-proof models are more suitable.

How do I clean my beanbag?

Indoor covers can be washed in a washing machine in cold water.

For outdoor waterproof covers - use washing liquid and a soft bristle brush.

Can I buy a cover separately?

Our customers often ask about buying extra bean bag cases. These can be useful for example when you decide to wash the existing cover, or even to change the colour spectrum and mood of your interior! Why not?

To do this, you need to go to the “covers” category on our website and select the colour, material, and size that you need. All covers have a crescent-shaped zipper that makes it easy for you to remove and replace the cover.

Are those covers removable?

Most of our covers are removable and easy to remove and put back on!

For more details please read each product description.

Is there an inner liner in Beanbags you sell?

MOST of our beanbags have an inner liner securing EPS/EPP beans inside so you can easily remove the cover for washing or replacement.

What quantity of beans (filler) do I need to refill my old bean bag?

To estimate how much filler you would need to refill your loose beanbag, you would need to send us via email a photo of your beanbag in its current condition and shape, along with its approximate dimensions.

On our website we sell fillers in 1, 2 and 3 KG packages.

 Filler Guide

What’s the difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant beanbag?

The water-resistant beanbag has a thicker leather-looking fabric and a water-repellent finish. And with a small hit of liquid, it can be wiped with a dry cloth. With a little dirt, you can wash the stain with a sponge or a damp cloth.

Waterproof beanbags have an additional dense protective waterproof layer, which can be placed both on the surface of the fabric and under it. (Brian doesn’t understand this)

If your beanbag has a waterproof layer covering the main fabric on top, its texture is hidden behind a a glossy layer, and so water flows off the beanbag.

These beanbags can even be taken on water.

If the fabric is lined with a waterproof layer - you can see and feel the texture of the fabric, and if water gets on the fabric, it won’t permeate your beanbag. These beanbags dry in the sun in minutes and remain pleasant to the touch!

How can I be sure that we are not a scam?

When we first heard this question - we were surprised! But over the year we were asked this several times. We wondered why our clients might have such concerns and we asked them this question.

We found out exactly how they were deceived and we want to warn you against such deception:

- The order did not come to the client, and the seller did not get in touch

- Instead of a beanbag, only a cover without a filler can come

- Beanbag comes with filler but not enough

- The size of the beanbag does not match the declared

- You can get a used beanbag

Be careful when choosing a seller!

The best evidence of the reliability of the seller and the quality of the goods are the reviews of real buyers

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